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"I found the most sweetest man I could ever ask for on this site"

I found the most sweetest man I could ever ask for on this site. We wrote two emails and then met and have spent every minute we can together. thank you so much for your web site. I am planing on being with this wonderful man the rest of my life. thanks again BBWCupid. We have been talking about getting married down the road .


"I have met a great guy on here "

I have met a great guy on here and would love to see where it goes, even though we are half way around the world from each other. He is the most sweet and intelligent, handsome man I have 'met'! Even at our distance I feel increasingly attracted to him by his words and his interests! I am smiling for the first time in a long time, and I know that he has a great deal to do with it ! If fate wants us together , I have no doubt it will happen...distance is nothing , when there is Love! LOL..I can't beleive I said the L word!!! WOW


"Thank you BBWCupid for being there for me."

I asked God to send me a man who would love me and cherish me and look after me. He did. I found someone at BBWCupid just when I was about to give up. This wonderful man just sent me a message and as soon as we started communicating, I knew he is the one. I am happy now. Thank you BBWCupid for being there for me.


"I finally found the one who I click with"

Hi I have found so many wonderful new friends here. I finally found the one who I click with and hoping for big things LOL Thanks for the great service I can thoroughly recomend it. I have spent many happy hours here chatting with women from around the world and they have brought me much happiness and I hope I have helped them feel that life can be fun and is not so lonely after all no matter what your size age or colour

Michael UK


"One massive thank you to BBWCupid"

Member 72231

Wow what can I say. i have found the most wonderful guy. Within 3 days of writting to each other, we just knew we would be together for ever. We are in two different parts of the world. But the miles dont stop us talking for hours every day.

So one massive thank you to BBWCupid. If it wasnt for you we would never have met.

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