BBW Dating: 5 Categories of Women to Avoid

By Radhika | 21-Aug-12 in Dating
So much has been said about the kind of men woman should avoid, but how often do men get someone to tell them what kind of woman to avoid in the dating world? Well, here is a small list of the kind of women that are a no-no for your peace of mind in the dating sphere.

1. Miss Opinion
This one is very hard to recognise as she comes in two shades:

Miss Control Freak:
As soon as she has charmed her way into your heart and the honey moon stage of the relationship is over, you will begin to hear things like:

Hun can’t you drive faster than that?

Hun don’t you want to try something healthier?

Ignore such red flags at your own peril because before you know it, she has you under a strict diet or even dress code! Nothing you do is ever good for her and if she is not criticising something you have done she is arguing with you about something you should have done. You only end up losing yourself in such a relationship.

Miss Argumentative:
This lady not only wants things her way but will pick a fight about everything. Everything has potential to turn into an argument with her. “Is that all you are going to tip the waiter?” this simple question can transform from your tipping habits to the day you forgot to text her goodnight. If you are constantly walking on egg shells to avoid ticking her off then maybe it’s time you said goodbye.

2. Miss Insecure

She also goes by the name Miss Emo. She is not only high maintenance emotionally but she will leave you physically drained every time you meet her. You constantly have to keep reassuring her about different aspects of her life. She needs you to tell her that you like her hair colour or that she doesn’t look fat in that dress! She also has an alter ego called Miss Clingy. She texts you ten times in a day, writes on your Facebook wall, re-tweets all you tweets and gets a bit needy when you don’t text her during lunch. Unless you want to wear your kid gloves daily to handle her, flee!

3. Miss Good Life

High maintenance doesn’t begin to describe her. She wants the best things in life and expects the grandest of gestures, high-priced evenings and pricey desserts. You will realise her materialistic nature if the first thing she notices about you are your expensive cuff links. She also lives in a fantasy world where it is all about having a good time. She is not familiar with the words “bargain” or “saving”. Spending time with her is good for your social life but very bad for your wallet. Avoid this one at all costs she’s going to max your credit cards and wipe you clean before you know it.

4. Miss My-Ex This and That
This is probably the most lethal of them all and doesn’t need many words to describe her. Everyone has their own history and baggage but you don’t not want a lady who is still attached to her ex and her is ex is her point of reference for everything.

My ex and I!” “You know my ex used to...”, “my ex this my ex that.” Decide already! Are you still with him or not! Avoid any woman who still has unresolved issues from her past relationships, it’s guaranteed to get messy soon.

5. Miss-Feminist

You can never get it right with this one. She believes that men are the cause of all the problems women have. She is all about girl power and insists that women do not really need men in their lives. She refers to all men as “jerks” and “dogs”. Her character is a bit ironical because she is always looking for a boyfriend. When she finally gets a boyfriend, it will be an uphill task for him to make her happy. She has a sort of love hate relationship with all men.

The best way learn how to pick the right woman is to first learn the kind of women to avoid. Someone wise once said that “Nobody is perfect in character and everyone has baggage; it’s just about finding the one worth carrying it for.

Have we left out any category of women to avoid? Share with us what you think of our list.

Mr. & Miss. Invisible! They like Leeches you don't know how much or what's missing until it's to too LATE! Ever take a swim where you thought or be leaved it to be safe and you got out of the water to find your being sucked dry! Invisible to what ever part of your senses you are not aware of. This is the leech; "GO'S WITH THE FLOW" say all the right things, doing all the right things until they've taken SOME OR ALL of what ever it is they wanted! There not LOOKING for LOVE, there not LOOKING for a soul mate, there not LOOKING for mirage! Some times there not even LOOKING for sex! To a leech your LIFE'S BLOOD is it's survive! This is all it KNOWS! It's sad to think that there are some people who will go as far to say to them selves even think or be leave that their mission in life is to DRAIN THE LIFE OUT OF OTHERS at will: To any Man or Woman that will do this: This is SICK! Say's EVERYTHING your ears & heart wants to hear; and to TOP IT OFF she is so good she will say things in a way you've never heard before from any other girl or woman blinding your emotions so you WONT SEE WHAT'S COMING NEXT! They will DO some or all of the right things just to open another vein! SICK! SWALLOWING everything just to get closer to you in order to get what they REALLY WANTED! The things we do and willing to do for THAT ONE PERSON we LOVE an willing to be IN LOVE WITH: They; (the leech er) do it for one reason & for ONE REASON ONLY! To HURT US, TO BLEED US, TO DRAIN US DRY! So how do we avoid the LEECH? The one's who LOOK like, SOUND'S like, BE HAVE'S like, even TASTE like Miss right? One of the BEST ways; (not the best) just One of the BEST: DON'T swim in their waters! If YOU don't KNOW what it is in life that you love YOU might be in their waters already. KNOW YOU, KNOW WHAT YOU LOVE, KNOW WHAT YOU LOVE HEARING, KNOW WHAT YOU LOVE DOING & DO THE BEST YOU CAN NOT TO BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING: THESE ARE SOME OF THE THINGS THE LEECH WILL US TO GET YOU IN HER WATER; IF YOUR NOT SURE ABOUT THEM. The LEECH knows that we all have baggage BUT! What the leech dose not know is what's inside the bags! DUMP EVERYTHING you don't NEED & move on with your life because if the leech can find enough stuff that tells how you really are; (not sure of your self) she will use it to put you in her water blinding you just to get her way! The Mr. & Miss. Leeches knows; that WHAT YOU DO IN LIFE WILL ALWAYS SPEAK SO MUCH LOADER THAN WHAT YOU SAY. This is another way to avoid the leech! Let your WORDS & ACTION be the same it will help you stay away from their waters and KEEP THEM FAR AWAY FROM YOURS. Even the Grate White Shark is pray to the LEECH; I say she is the most danger est an wicked one of them ALL! You BBW Enjoy your swimming because it's HEALTHY & should be FUN & SAFE! ps: Miss Leech KNOWS what's in one of my bags because I say it ALL the time; You Big Girls are SWEET an lots of FUN BUT all I need is ONE!

  • Jen
  • 22-Aug-12 19:41

I'd disagree with the "Miss Feminist" - perhaps you mean militant feminists? I'm proudly feminist but that doesn't mean I hate men, and most feminists I know don't either. Like you said, everyone has baggage, some just have more than others...and what might be baggage to one could be a positive trait to another. Ladies, if you are reading this list and thinking someone on it sounds eerily familiar, don't worry - someone out there will love you, baggage and all!

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