How to Know He’s Interested after the First Date

By Radhika | 23-Oct-08 in Dating

So you’ve gone out on the first date and you really like the guy but short of him blatantly telling you he likes you, how do you know if he likes you just as much as you like him?

Tune your Antennae
Its true men aren’t as complicated as women so take advantage of this fact. If you’re tuned-in to the signals he sends out, you should be able to tell pretty easily whether or not he’s interested. Stay tuned and you will pick up the signals that will answer your questions about what he thinks of you, and your first date.

He Wants to Extend the Date
If he doesn’t want to let you go and keeps trying to extend the date, you’ve got yourself a winner! It may be as obvious as “Would you like to go for a drink?” after you’ve already spent three hours together at dinner. Or it may be less obvious with him just testing the waters and asking you if you have any plans for later.

Positive Body Language
Actions speak louder than words remember? So learn to read his body language and translate it accordingly. Some of the most common positive signs to look out for would be:

  • Him raising his eyebrows appreciatively to check you out.

  • Raised Eyebrows
    photo by andrewfeinberg

  • His lips part ever so slightly. I’m not sure what the logic is but it is pretty common.

  • Preening! He will keep trying to fix his tie, shirt, hair or anything he thinks will make him look better for you.

  • This one is strange but apparently many psychological tests prove that when men fiddle with their socks on a date, they’re probably interested in the girl. Strange but true!

  • Socks
    photo by restlessglobetrotter

  • He maintains eye contact and even gazes into your eyes longer than normal.

Compliments Galore
If he compliments you several times during the date, there’s definitely something there. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about looks; it could be about anything about you that he thinks stands out from the rest of the lot. Of course there are some fakers, but if the compliments are particularly observant, it’s obvious he’s paying attention because he’s interested.

Great Conversation
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a great conversationalist or not. When you’re on a date and the conversation is free flowing, it’s definitely a good sign. But you know he’s hooked, when he is really listening to you and even asks questions. That will show you he’s interested in knowing more about you. Also if you’ve got his undivided attention, and he’s not easily distracted by what’s going on around you’ll because he’s so engrossed in what you’re saying…well, its pretty obvious then isn’t it?

Yes, guys are less complicated than women but sometimes they can be confusing too and you don’t know what to think after the first date. So while this might not be a foolproof guide, I hope some of it helps in deciphering the codes and the mixed signals of a first date! Good luck!

  • Jen
  • 24-Oct-08 04:17

According to Geoff on legendary British TV show "Coupling", men are constantly worried about missing the "sock gap" - that moment when you're getting undressed when you take off your socks so you don't end up "a naked man in socks". So perhaps that explains the sock thing!

ahhh this post has just confused me! ended up hooking up with a guy from work at a party a couple of weeks ago. we didn't sleep together, just to confirm... day after he bought me breakfast, wouldn't let me leave all day, the conversation flowed, he complimented me alot and even came shopping with me and carried my bags! but since then... nada! we've spoken briefly at work, but lots of people were around so didn't really get to speak and he hasn't called. just want to know where i stand!!

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