Latest Study Says Thinking Too Much Makes You Fat

By Radhika | 04-Jun-09 in Society

Are you sick of “scientific research” telling you that your laziness or your lack of physical activity or even your stupidity has made you fat? Then guess what the latest study says?

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Laval in Quebec, Canada – thinking too much is the latest cause for eating more, and consequently putting on weight.

The study involved 14 female students who participated in three 45-minute sessions, which was followed by a eat-what-you-want buffet. In the first session the girls rested in a sitting position. In the second session they were required to read a document and write a summary. In the last session they engaged in several computer-based tests.

The scientists observed that the ladies consumed roughly about 25% more calories after their intellectual exercises, than after just resting. The physical energy involved in all three sessions was exactly the same.

Blood samples taken during these sessions showed that this intellectual activity demanded a higher amount of glucose. And since the brain cells can’t make glucose, they look to fill up this deficiency by demanding more food.

The study has been published in the September issue of Psychosomatic Medicine.

Yes, experts are already insisting that this study explains “the obesity epidemic” because people lead such sedentary lives but then again, they’re always looking for new reasons to support their epidemic theory. Haven’t they been saying that you eat more because you have nothing to do but now all of a sudden, you eat more because you have too much thinking to do?

So if we eat more due to intellectual activity, it could mean we’ll put on more weight. That explains why most models (stereotypically!) are such dimwits! But that also contradicts the belief that fat people are stupid and lazy. How can you be lazy if your brain is constantly stimulated enough for you to get hunger pangs? Obviously we got fat because we’ve been thinking too much and that my dearies, would mean we’re not stupid either.

I wonder how the thin folks are going to spin this one. Will they just insist that we don’t get enough exercise and simply ignore that we use our brain cells more? It’s possible!

I have nothing against scientific studies but I’d just like the scientists to stop freaking out over fat people long enough to realize that all plus size people are not unhealthy or a health risk and maybe some of their studies should prove that too!

  • Jen
  • 05-Jun-09 01:08

Don't scientists have better things to do, like curing cancer or something, than this kind of crazy study? I wonder if the scientist who proposed this study was fat!

  • kate
  • 21-Nov-09 19:00

hi to you all, im happy with the way i am. we have swine flu to worry about so mr scientist please feel free to study that!!

yes i agree if we left it all up to them we would be eating bran and drinking water and running around in hamster wheels and if you girls had listened we wouldent have BBW so do ya thing lol


I must say that overall the scientist are right.... However, they fail to look into our genetic structures. Not ALL PEOPLE ARE MADE TO BE A SIZE 2!!! My mom and my dad are chunky butts. My granny is a chunky butt. The scientist also fail to focus on the medical aspect. On top of my dna stating "YEAH BITCH YOUR GONNA BE BIG", I also have bad asthma and take steriods........ WERE ARE YOU NOW SCIENTIST? EXPLAIN THAT!!! I can remember when I was younger I went to the hospital for an asthma attack. OMG, I can remember them giving me 8 steriod pills. COUNT UM 1234567 DING DING DING 8!!! SO, yes I had breast at a real young age. And Stress is the killer!!! Stress eating sucks, but it naturally happen. The said part about it is that I can look at something now and say NO NAISHA!!!! YOU DON'T NEED THAT.... PASS IT UP FOR 15 STRONG MINUTES AND THEN................. GO BACK AND GET IT.... Its HARD!!!! Women are SOOO emotional!!!! And I personally can't stop thinking. Hell, I have a chocolate biscut and pepsi in the freezer right now. LMAO Its not ALL our fault.... Yes, I can workout more.... And I could also put some of the sweets away... But God shaped up to be the way we are. And I bet that if we drop every inch of this weight we will still be BBW!!! I know my thickness and curves are not going anywhere.

  • Mia
  • 25-Apr-10 21:50

girls girls girls youv got it all wrong there are different scientists for different there are scientists lookig at the fat genes and scientists looking at cancer curing drugs!!!!

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