Make Up Tips For Plus Size Women

By Radhika | 02-Feb-09 in Lifestyle

I’ve often found that BBW women are unsure about make up. Some of us don’t use make up at all because we think make up will just make highlight features we’d rather hide. While some of us just use all the wrong stuff and don’t quite get the look we were going for.

I too refused to use make up until very recently but then I gradually started experimenting a little. These are some very basic make up tips I’ve learnt over the years.

  • All That Glitters…

Shimmery shiny and glittery make up probably should be avoided by BBWs; especially where foundation is concerned. If you have rounded cheeks, you’ll know that they tend to catch the light. If you’re wearing shimmery make up, your skin can look oily or sweaty, especially under the lights. Matte finish foundations are the best bet!

  • Basic Foundation

Speaking of foundation, you’re better off choosing a powder foundation rather than a paste-like or a cream-based foundation. A powder foundation is lighter and less dewey, so your skin doesn’t look like it’s perspiring all the time! Also, when using foundation remember to always use a shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Remember to blend your foundation well and make sure there isn’t a telltale line at the jaw where the foundation ends. If you don’t blend it in, your face will be a different skin tone to your neck, and you could end up looking like you’re wearing a mask!

  • Blushing Beauty

When you’re choosing a blush make sure it’s a shade that not only goes well with your skin tone but compliments your hair as well. A popular “slimming” make up trick propagated by the fashion magazines are to apply a darker shade of blush right below the apples of our cheeks. I’m not so sure about this because to me it just looks like the blush was applied in the wrong place. Instead, just do it like everyone else and apply it on (and not below) the apples of your cheeks

  • Attention Grabbing Eyes

The most common make up advice given to BBWs is to play up the eyes and that’s a pretty good idea. However, I would suggest staying away from heavy make up again. Light neutral shades work best. Use a shade of eye shadow that goes with what you’re wearing and a lighter shade to apply right under your brow line. This does a great job of emphasizing your eyes.

Use eyeliner on your lower and upper lids too, just apply it right. Instead of going all the way across the eye…start application in the middle and go outwards to the corner of the eye. This is a great trick that helps to open up your eyes and emphasize them. You could also extend it slightly beyond the eye on the lower lid, but this should be barely visible for you to get the right look. The most common colors are a dark brownish-black, a charcoal brown or a dark smoky hued blue – these suit almost all eye and hair colors.

  • Luscious Lips

Choose lipstick shades that look good on you, compliment your skin and go well with your outfit. Your lips should attract attention without making you look like a circus clown. On the other hand they shouldn’t be so boring and basic that you look plain. Don’t shy away from color as many might suggest but just remember to strike a balance. Experiment a little till you think you’ve got it right!

Hope these make up tips help? If any of you have any special make up tricks for plus size women, please do share with us. I’m no expert…and would welcome any other tips you would like to share!


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