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Elena and Paul

"Good Luck to all in your search and if I can find someone so can you."

Hi my name is Elena I joined BBWCupid in November and met a lot of nice people but one special man named Paul a widower who lost his wife and 2 sons in Hurricane Katrina he was left with a beautiful daughter Alicia I never had a daughter and always wanted one, he is in love with God like I am and a good man all the way around. I want to thank God and BBWCupid for matching two kindred spirtis together without BBWCupid I never would have met him. Good Luck to all in your search and if I can find someone so can you. Thanks Again Elena

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"I did meet someone from this site!"

I have no pics of us to send but I did meet someone from this site! After speaking on the phone for 3 weeks we decided to meet. After the initial awkwardness the date went well and we have been dating now for a couple of weeks!! He is great...I know everyone reads these and says ya right when's my turn, I was one of those skeptic people and now I am writing a story of my own...Good things come to those who wait.


"BBWCupid is one of the best dating line you can think of"

Thanks to BBWCupid i have found my love from the very first day i was at this date line he send me a message and we have met each other. The very day we met, we new we are met to be together for ever. We are very happy to be together and we are planing to get married. As soon as the marriage is planed, we will let you know this . abd we like to tell this to the other memebers that BBWCupid is one of the best dating line you can think of. once again we say thanks to you .


"I can't thank you enough for your site"

I found my partner, Mike, on your site. The moment I read his profile and he read mine, we knew we had to be together. He lives in Washington, I live in Nebraska, but we are not letting geography get in the way. He is coming to see me next week. We have been emailing and talking every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I can't thank you enough for your site. Without it, I would never have met the love of my life.


"Thank you so much....for making that possiblee"

Wow i never thought it would work but it did..... I was on your site for about 4 weeks and i found (...well he said he found me.. we are still talking about...) a very nice and gentle Man on your site... Now we want to work on our relationship so that i don´t need to be a member on your site anymore. Please remoce my profile. Thank you so much....for making that possible. I will recommend your site to al lmy friends and i wish all members luck for their search cause yor site works.. Ohhhhhh you want to know who we are????? Iam chris member 21442 and he is Karl member 20226 God bless you all

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