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"Thank you BBWCupid!"

After a long pattern of disappointments and unsavory people, I finally met a woman who truly is my other half - and I met her right here on this site! We met on here and then chatted on skype a little the first couple nights after work ,then for hours every night .. then we met in person and it was all over for me. Yadda yadda I'm probably moving to Canada to be with her soon and things are only getting better and better by the day. I wish everyone on this site the very best of luck and good fortune in romance.


"Thank you BBWCupid!"

Thanks to the site, I found my true love and i am so so happy. Thanks to who ever made the site


"Thank you BBWCupid!"

Maybe there is such a thing as destiny. After an unpleasant divorce, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to date again. But there was something in her picture--the smile, the tilt of the head--that made me think I might like her. Her profile came up with all green dots, so I read further. I liked what I read, so I emailed her. We corresponded. then we called. Then we met. It was about seven weeks from first contact to finally meeting. Even if I told you how we first met, you probably wouldn't believe me. But I bet you'd wish you'd thought of it first. Trust the guiding hand of fate, and you, too, could find romance.


"I met the love of my life at 43"

Great site, I met the love of my life at 43... even if he is across the world!!!! All you cynics, love is actually real, keep looking for that prince he actually is out there!!!! Made a believer out of me! Thank you BBWCupid.. it's been real. Georgia girl


"I have found a wonderful genuine man"

I have found a wonderful genuine man who lived miles apart but we have found a way to be together. Never give up, love is there for you.

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