5 Tips on How to Make Online Relationships Work

By Radhika | 16-May-13 in Dating

Do online relationships really work? Many people have argued that online relationships are only temporary and can’t work, but is this really true? Is it simply a hopeless romantic notion or can it really work? I believe if you are determined, online relationships can work and even lead to marriage. Although online relationships are harder to maintain; with love, trust, honesty and determination they can work. In addition to these four main components, here are five tips to help you make your online relationship work.


Communication! Communication!
 photo datingonline.jpg For your online relationship to survive, communication is key. Since you do not have the option of meeting up daily to spend time together, you need to talk every day. If you do not talk often, the relationship will automatically begin to die slowly. First, you both need to decide which mode of communication is most comfortable to use i.e. phone, e-mail, Skype or chat. For a successful online relationship you both need to set aside specific times of the day that are convenient for both of you. It is also advisable to talk to your partner exclusively. This means when you have agreed on the most convenient time, ensure you are not chatting with other people at the same time. Give your partner undivided attention, consider it a date.

Make the conversations personal
Having personal conversations helps both of you get to know one another better and more intimately. Just like physical relationships, intimacy is a very important factor for the success of any relationship. To have a more intimate online relationship you can begin by asking your partner specific questions about various areas of their lives. You can also do this by remembering some of the important thing they mention and following up to see the progress. E.g. if your partner had mentioned earlier about a sick relative, you can bring this up after a while. It also helps to remember important dates in your partner’s life e.g. birthdays, promotions. This shows concern and helps in cementing an emotional bond despite the distance.

Do something different every now and then to spice things up. Most relationships fizzle out when there is no excitement. To begin with you can send your partner romantic e-cards or emails when they least expect it. E.g. you can randomly send your partner a romantic email at unexpected or unusual times of the day e.g. lunch time or early in the morning when they get to work.

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You can also find different things to do together online e.g. find some online two player games, share links, news articles or photos of things that fascinate you then discuss them. This will also help you know one another better and discover each other’s interests.

Be cautious
No matter what stage of your online relationship you are on, you always need to remember all the online dating safety rules. Be careful when discussing money issues or any personal detail, this might be used against you in future. This is especially more important if you have never meet your partner in person. You never really know someone until you meet and interact for a while; you therefore need to tread carefully to avoid falling into a scam.

Discuss the future
If you drag on a relationship for too long without discussing where it is going, one of you is bound to get bored of the relationship and look for someone else more serious. Deciding where the relationship also gives both of you something to look forward to. It also helps you know that you are not just wasting your time with someone who does not see you in their future. Remember the purpose of all relationships is to eventually lead to a long lasting serious commitment to one another. You, therefore, need to start knowing one another so that you can decide where the relationship is going.

Remember just like other relationships, you need to put in effort if you want your relationship to work. You need to believe in your relationship and fight for it to work. If you truly plan on creating a long-term relationship, you both must be honest with each other and purpose for it to work.

Do you have any other tip you would like to add to this list? Please share it with us.

  • Sal
  • 11-Jun-13 04:14

I believe they can work. I have just some out of a 6 year marriage with a man I met online 8 years ago. Even though it wasn't forever we had 8 awesome years together and I don't regret a minute of it and it hasn't scared me off looking for my next "Mr NOW"

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