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By Radhika | 18-Nov-10 in Competitions
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This month BBWCupid.com has partnered with leading plus-size fashion house City Chic to bring you a brand new competition. The winner will not only receive a 3 month Platinum membership but an awesome $200 shopping voucher from City Chic!


Do you hate it when a man tries to chat you up with a god-awful pick up line?


What about when that scruffy, smelly dude turns the moves on and you have nowhere to run?


And don’t you just *love* it when she over-analyses every word that comes out of your mouth?


Or how about the girl who keeps saying “All the good men are gone” while she’s out on a date with you?


Stick Figure


As much as we love the opposite sex, there are some things that are an instant turnoff. What is your biggest pet-peeve about the opposite sex?

Ladies, tell us…what can a man do (or not do) that makes you want to run a mile.

And men, how can the ladies avoid killing the spark?

This is the moment of truth…


In 50 words or less, tell us about your biggest turnoff about the opposite sex.


You could even tell us what turns you off when you’re checking out online dating profiles – for example, a profile photo that is obviously at least 10 years old!



THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. To enter the competition, simply log in to BBWCupid.com and tell us about your Biggest Turnoff by leaving a comment below (in 50 words or less).


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The competition starts today November 19, 2010 and ends midnight November 26, 2010 AEST.



There are prizes to be won of course!


The winner will receive a 3 month Platinum membership on BBWCupid.com as well as a $200 online shopping voucher courtesy of City Chic.


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my bigset in when bad smell woman in mouth it like when woman smoking swgaret i cant never kiss mouth

biggest turnoff when guys are rude and only think of them self! and when men dont shower often

The biggest turn off for me is a man who doesn't show me rather than tells me he cares. I'm not talking presents either. I want a man who isn't afraid to show everyone he loves me... even me.

  • hi
  • 19-Nov-10 02:42

mmmhhh a woman who thinks she knows everything and doesn't allow u to express your views

  • Dana
  • 19-Nov-10 03:47

One of my biggest turn offs is when someone cannot spell correctly and doent care to use the spell checker. That shows me he does not really care what I think about him. Also what I hate is when someone asks me after a longer conversation where I live. It say on my profile in the first line. So, he has just looked at my pictures and does not care about my brains which for me is an insult!

Hmm 50 words or less, id like to add, I dont like this either, People that dont tell the truth on their profiles.

Well I like a guy to make an effort, for him to be able to spell and speak nicely and for him to actually be able to meet with me. Once I met with a guy who fulfilled was all those things and more. Over dinner I made it clear that I expected honesty from him and this is what he said to me [and it makes it into my 'turn off' hall of fame]:"My dear, this is how it is! I have everything I need in life....I have enough money and an interesting career and three lovely children! I can go to a restaurant and order 5 deserts in a row if I like but for some reason, in my love life, I have to keep eating the main meal over and over again - that's my wife. Now I want desert!" [is there a crazy face icon in here??]

  • Lisa
  • 19-Nov-10 05:42

My absolute biggest turn off is when half way through the mail they send me they start to call me someone else. They write to so many women they forget who they are writing to. This happened to me twice and believe me it really turned me off.

turn off for me is When she talk to other people[or in her mobile] like you are not there

My biggest turn off is, finding a singles site, that have some great ladies, and they dont reply to you. Either people are really fussy, or just in the place for 1 thing. I'm sure some are.. but i'm not. Each to their own. Somebody is out there. Must keep searching.

  • Zoe
  • 27-Feb-11 16:22

Im Here!

  • Zoe
  • 27-Feb-11 16:23

but the thing is im in the standard/free profile so i wont get to message you i dont even know if you can read this

My biggest turn off is a man who is so obsessed with BBW that they worship a woman because of her size and not who she is. We are not objects, but people. I had one guy ask to touch my stomach on our first date. WTF??!?!?! Thats not cool at ALL! lmao..

  • Rick
  • 19-Nov-10 10:26

my biggest turn off is when a woman has dirty teeth bad breath and smells bad.

My biggest turn off, is a man with a lack of courtesy, politness and compassion. After all manners are free, and the world would be a nicer palce if we all said please and thank combined with a smile, and you would be suprised at how much it makes another persons day.

a man that thinks and acts as if he was the best thing in anybodies life

I guess my biggest pet pev is when the start off calling me baby or honey right off the start. You don't know me so don't call me baby.

By far the biggest turn off is bad smell,of any kind,body or breath.no matter how much you might like the other the smell can just keep you away.Before getting to smell the smell though a turn off is BAD attitude,ignoring,rude,trash talk etc.turn you off before you get to find any othe dislikes or likes ;)

Well My biggest turn off ever was this time when i went out and met up with this beautiful woman , dressed really nice , and then she starts picking her nose , belches , and in the middle of the conversation we were having , answers a non important call on her cell phone !( I could tell it was not important becase it was a girl friend of hers who wanted to talk to her about a dress she just saw in the store) and she talked to her for 10 min about it

The biggest turnoff for me, is when a woman just drop all her clothes and want to have sex, before I get to know her. That really scare me away :-)

Ignorance is forgivable because we all have something to learn, but ignorance and arrogance put together is just unbearable!

My biggest is when I am out with a woman, and she won't give me an opportunity to speak while smelling of alcohol and/or cigarettes.

My biggest turn off is when a man tell you the size of his ...!!!! 99% of the time they add on a couple of inche's...You know who you are fella's!!!!

Hmm!Well biggest turn off for me is when a man's idea of taking you for a 3-course meal, is a baked potato(not even loaded),a single classic combo and an apple pie.Then has the audacity to ask you to pay his cell phone bill!(rolling my eyes)

when men's penis smell like stale curry

When a man sais age and size doesn't matter & after he has been intimate only wants to keep you his little secret :(

  • RJ
  • 19-Nov-10 21:33

My biggest turn off would have to be a direct comment to my bodacious stature. Especially within the first five minutes of conversation. I may be a woman of full figure, but it's obviously not new to me, and doesn't need to be pointed out as if I didn't know. Instead, compliment me on my intelligence, or big heart. The rest I would love to hear once the relationship has moved to a higher level.

  • liz
  • 19-Nov-10 21:37

i hate it when a man tries to pick you up by reminding you that you are fat - "hey baby, i love me some fat girls." umm yea no thanks..

My biggest turn-off is a man who is shallow and arrogant. One who stands there with a bald head and a beer belly saying "No fat chicks!" It is sad because they never look any deeper than the service. They may be missing out on a beautiful, fullfilling relationship. But then again, who would ant them anyway.....?

One of my biggest turn offs is a man who starts asking you intimate questions, before he asks you basic ones, like about my children or my career etc. That's a pretty good indicator that sex is all he is after!

Let me see... Now what was a bigger turn off? The guy who showed up with holes in his shoes track pants and ratty t-shirt which I noticed showed his belly, once I got past his toothless smile. Or maybe the mechanic fella who met me after he finished work and had as much grease under his nails and on his pants as the Alberta oil sands. It's too close to call.

Lies, thats my biggest turn off I dont know why people feel then need to make themsleves appear better then whom they truely, you cant keep the lie up forever so dont know why its attempted in the first place if a lasting reletionship is to be formed. If its meant to be its meant to be. Stay true x

my biggest turnoff is when a man arranges to meet you but dosent turn up. Or when a man say he wants a relationship when all he wants is a bed partner without strings attached.

rude people who disrespect others!!

  • Fred
  • 20-Nov-10 08:26

Poor personal hygiene is my biggest turn off and people who aren't honest, by saying one thing and wanting another.

A man who wants to kiss you with chewing tobacco in his mouth. Or a man who says hey baby what you wearing. Like I'm sitting around naked all the time while typing. Get real!!!

biggst turn off when ladys lie about there age and dont get back to you when you txt them

My biggest turn off would be when your on a date with a guy, everything is all good but then you can see their eyes wonder off in other directions (Looking at other girls)..Ahhh. Big No No!

  • Sher
  • 20-Nov-10 23:56

When I'm asked to stand up and turn around.. or worse Bend over. It makes me feel like I'm a side of meat being inspected to make sure I make the cut. Honestly it is rude and so many guys think it is ok to ask women online to do this. Huge turn off.

  • R
  • 21-Nov-10 00:01

a biggest turn off is when the guy start talking dirty or when he asks for a sexy picture before even knowing your name, it ruins the magic of a possible date.

My biggest turn off it a guy not being honest to those around him. Guys who prefer larger women but keep it a 'secret' because family, friends or society don't approve. I want someone who is proud to be with me because I enhance their life, not someone who thinks I am not capable of being accepted into their lives. Instant turn off!

Why do 99% of men discribe themselves as very attractive!!!!!Look in the mirror! It would be nice if men where more interested in who you are and not what bra size you wear, so many men use these sites as a place to get laid, they never remember yesterdays conversation, in fact if you dont sleep with them the first night, they even forget they've spoken to you1

My biggest turn off's are lager swilling men with tattoos and piercings. Sorry

  • Y
  • 21-Nov-10 15:34

My biggest turn off is a Mamma's boy. Now I love a man that respects and loves his mother of course, but a man who can't even make a move without consulting his mother is not the man for me. You almost always end up with a man looking to be mothered and an overbearing mother, whose one mission is to make sure that you don't take her baby away.

Biggest turn off? The double edge sword! You talk and everything is wonderful. Days, weeks, months go by... He (or she) comes into your life and you give a piece of your heart... But you can't give it all. Not until you know for sure that they are real. You want to meet in person or on web cam... only for them to say they can't right now... the warning signs go up! The distrust comes in... You have been here before... Why? You start doubting yourself. You play along just in case they are who they say. He (she) plays with your heart like a cat plays with a mouse! You go with the cat and give him the test... "I Love You" you say... then the scam comes to play! Or you lose him because he was real and finds the distrust O' so displeasing... The double edge sword has struck again! The deceit of it all crushes you... and the cycle begins again. How does one really know if the person who's really looking for love is honest and sincere? You don't until that first meeting in person. But until then... do we live by the sword or shall we die by it? Is finding love always this hard?

YES, most of the men Intrested live far away. We talk and hit it off, wonderful! He said, Come to Aussie and meet me, I'll buy you your ticket but I need your passport number and full name. I say no... (trust issuses from to much on-line scamers) (double edge sword) I say "no, I don't know you all that well yet"... and he stops talking to me???? Was that just a scam? Again?

I ate when you txt back and forth and by the 3rd day he's saying I Love You...and poems every day...then say oh there was a accident since you becoming my wife to look good donate money for the funeral...NOT..the nwhen you say no money he send a letter once a wk instead of every day...

  • Leah
  • 21-Nov-10 16:16

Maybe I'm weird but I hate a guy who is handsy on the first date. Yes I'd love to sit, chat, drink and laugh but not with your meaty paws all over me!

Everyday I could think of a new turn off. This morning its: Guys who describe themselves as 'a few pounds overweight". 20kg / 50lbs or more than a few pounds!

  • Max
  • 22-Nov-10 09:17

Women who wish to be treated like Ladies as sort of a precondition. Yet they themselves appear not to be, nor would they act or express themselves Lady-like at all.

Guys that think there god's gift to women, and there's heaps of them. Also a $200 voucher for city chic isn't alot, why not make it $500 - At $200 you'll be lucky if you can buy 2 things

well as a mature woman i really dislike to be made to feel like someones toy/play thing not all of us are here on this site to have sexual encounters, with who ever takes our fancy, some of us are genuine and really are looking for a relationship/ to meet someone special.

My biggest turnoff came when I was making love for the first time with someone and they smacked me straight across the face.... made my head turn, then told me that their ex fiancée loved it so much ~ it is what got her off...unbelievable

My biggest turn off is when guys right away in your first chat online or on the phone start talking about sex, what kind of underwear do you wear, or something more intimate. They are just looking to jump into bed...especially bothersome when their profile says that they are looking for a long term relationship.

My biggest turn-off is.When u try to be a gentleman and open the door for ur date. And she doesn't know how to handle it. By say i can do it myself thanx u. Well sorry for being a gentleman i know next time....

Married men who are single when they are away from the wife at work or out with the boys....hate liars.........or is that unhappily married men :o)

  • Lisa
  • 27-Nov-10 17:49

My biggest turn off about the opposite sex on this site is coming on too strong! Seriously guys, get to know us.... My biggest turn off about the opposite sex in general is lack of honesty! I won't name names but there are some serious liars out there.

  • dave
  • 28-Nov-10 14:12

My biggest turn off is when women pre-judge you and assume you are what you are not, without giving you the chance to express yourself or them taking the time to know you. There really are some nice guys about.

The biggest turn-off are men who seem to look for perfection when they seem to be less than perfect themselves.

  • Ruby
  • 01-Jun-11 04:15

My biggest turn-off is guys who guys guys. I will never date a guy again that enjoys spending time at strip-clubs or with the boys in Vegas. Ugh. Not what I'm looking for. Get that stuff out of your system before hitting me up!

I believe the biggest turn off for me is when a guy says “Damn baby your kind of fine for a thicker girl" It is truly insulting; beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes. The worst part of it all is that they believe they have just given you the ultimate compliment.

i hate it when ppl you date dont have manner

A turn off to me would have to be personal hygiene you don't have to be gorgeous but to smell nice and dress nicely will go a long way. And clean teeth it's so nasty for someone to have nasty smelly breath.

My biggest turn off is txting back an forth you ask questions to get to know him and he goes around it and don't answer's it but expects you to answer all his...

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