Winners Announced - Biggest Turnoff Competition

By Radhika | 28-Nov-10 in Competitions
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THANK YOU for participating in the ‘Biggest Turnoff’ competition!


I hope you had as much fun reading the entries as we did. As always, picking a winner was oh so hard but had to be done… So, the winner is …..


Liz (Member ID: 311147):

i hate it when a man tries to pick you up by reminding you that you are fat - "hey baby, i love me some fat girls." umm yea no thanks..


CONGRATULATIONS Liz, you are the winner of a 3 month Platinum membership as well as a $200 voucher from City Chic!


Of course with so many entries from you guys, we couldn’t just pick ONE winner. So, we have decided to award a RUNNER UP prize to :


Courtney (Member ID: 196350):

My biggest turn off is a man who is so obsessed with BBW that they worship a woman because of her size and not who she is. We are not objects, but people. I had one guy ask to touch my stomach on our first date. WTF??!?!?! Thats not cool at ALL! lmao.


Courtney, you have won a 3 month Gold membership!


Oh wait… we’re not done just yet. We also have 5 BONUS PRIZES .


The winners are:


Wolfie (Member ID: 264360):

My biggest turnoff came when I was making love for the first time with someone and they smacked me straight across the face.... made my head turn, then told me that their ex fiancée loved it so much ~ it is what got her off...unbelievable


Jason (Member ID: 239702):

My biggest turn-off is.When u try to be a gentleman and open the door for ur date. And she doesn't know how to handle it. By say i can do it myself thanx u. Well sorry for being a gentleman i know next time....


S (Member ID: 312830):

Someone who doesn't respect their mother because it will be reflected in any female companionship. Chewing with their mouth open...I don't need to see you smackin your lips like a cow chewing their grass, and I don't need a close up of what's digesting in your stomach! Check please!


Lisa (Member ID: 300473):

My absolute biggest turn off is when half way through the mail they send me they start to call me someone else. They write to so many women they forget who they are writing to. This happened to me twice and believe me it really turned me off.


Jonny (Member ID: 231899):

The biggest turnoff for me, is when a woman just drop all her clothes and want to have sex, before I get to know her. That really scare me away :-)


You have each won a 1 month Gold membership!


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  • Zoe
  • 27-Feb-11 16:17

I completely agree with Carol a well mannered man is very hard to find now a days

Hey wolfie, It has been a while since I have been on here but that story was crazy. I want to add my biggest turn off. My biggest turn off is when you tell someone that you are busy and will call them later when you can chat and they continuously send you text messages immediately afterwards. Actually, I prefer to talk to a person on the phone but an even bigger turn off then that is when all the man wants to do is text or email you but never wants to talk on the phone. Hearing someone's voice makes them more real and text messages and emails are so impersonal in comparison. If a guy really wants my attention he should give me a call.

  • bill
  • 05-May-11 20:01

i agree texting and emails are a means to an end. i didn't come to this website so we could type back and forth forever. it is for us to see if we are compatible enough to actually at least talk on the phone in real life.

The biggest turn off for me is text speak, when a man's first contact with me is "hi hun wot u up 2 2nite". DELETE!

Oh My God. I completley agree! I thought I was the only one. :P

WOW! I thought I was the only one that was so frustrated by the amazing lack of spelling in these emails. I understand an occasional miss, especially if you're typing in a hurry, but a quick glance through should let you catch and correct it.

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